FLXS1 Firmware beta17i

To check and see if your FLXS1 needs a firmware update, reboot your FLXS1 and take note of the firmware version that is displayed on boot loading screen. If your software version is below 0.17i, there is newer software available.

To install the latest firmware: 

  1. Download the latest firmware binary
  2. Download Teensy Loader from pjrc.com
  3. Decompress and launch the Teensy application
  4. Unzip the firmware download.
  5. Drag flxs1_beta17i.hex to the Teensy application
    1. You should see the file name in the Teensy app window
  6. Connect your FLXS1 to your computer using a MicroUSB cable (not included)
  7. Make sure your FLXS1 is connected to power and is turned on
  8. Using a unfolded paperclip, or a thin toothpick, press the PRGM button that is located behind the front panel beneath the front facing USB port.
  9. You should see a progress bar appear on the Teensy app.
  10. Your FLXS1 should reboot, your firmware is now installed.
    1. You can verify that the firmware installed properly on the boot screen. The version should now say beta17i

Troubleshooting firmware update issues:

If you are having problems updating FLXS1, there are a few things you should check:

  • Make sure that the auto button in the Teensy app is green
    • Sometimes the Teensy app turns off auto mode if the PRGM button is pressed during a firmware flash. The Auto button is located in the upper right hand corner of the Teensy app on your computer. It should be bright green, like in the picture above. If it is dark green, click it and it should toggle Auto mode back on.
  • Make sure that the correct firmware file is loaded
    • If you are having problems, double check that you see the correct firmware file name in the Teensy application.
  • Try using a known good micro USB cable
    • You may think your MicroUSB cable is good, but there have been a number of instances where users have been unable to flash their firmware with one USB cable which they thought was good, but upon trying a different cable, the firmware flashed without issue.
  • Make sure the MicroUSB cable is fully plugged in
    • Make sure the connection is good. You may try moving it around slightly to make sure you are getting a good connection. This may be a sign of a faulty MicroUSB cable.
  • Update Teensy Loader Application
    • You may have issues if you are using an old version of the Teensy application. Try downloading the latest one using the link above at pjrc.com
  • Re-download the firmware file
    • There is a chance that your firmware file has been corrupted. Delete the firmware file you have, download a new one from the link above, and try the process again.

FLXS1 Manual Beta v16d

Click the button on the right to download a PDF of the current version of the manual. This manual is a work in progress, and will be updated as new firmware is released.

This manual is out of date. A new manual is coming in the beginning of February. In the meantime, don’t be afraid to explore!